Stainless steel Hex bolts, nuts, washers 1/2" dia. 9.5" some 7.5" & 5.5" - - - nuts & washers are $1 & up - some Bolt prices starting at $4.78 (with min quantity purchase) These prices are about 35% off retail at Ace Hardware (Charleston/Mt Pleasant area) I have Stainless Steel bolts (hex), nuts and washers (& lock washers) 1/2"dia * ONLY * and the following lengths: 9.5" and some 7.5...
Just moved into a new warehouse and old renter left a whole bunch of unopened brand new buckets of roofing and flooring stuff. I have no clue what it all is nor do I have a use for you. Give me a call if you wanna come by and take a look at what's there and if you need anything. 843-889-1186
I have 250000 Bf of 4/4X7.5'-9.5"X10.5' #1 and #2 Mix. I can supply Premium, Select, Clear and Naily.Let me know what you need. It will be straight line ripped on one side. Immediate Availability. Pricing depending upon quantity order. I can also have it molded for you for an additional cost. The photo provided below is all of the grades available. Let's make a deal. hardwood flooring, t...
Tarkett VCT 50 boxes White in color see picture price is per box. if you buy 50 boxes or more $20.00 a box call: 224 two six 78
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